Net gaming providers push for online gaming ban to be relaxed

Australia’s Internet gaming providers have called for the Federal Government to overhaul its proposal to ban all online gaming.

The industry is pushing for wagering or sports betting to be excluded from the ban.

A Senate Committee hearing into the Federal Government’s controversial interactive gambling bill at the weekend heard from a number of Australian companies calling for significant changes to the bill as it stands.

The majority argued that Australian-based Internet providers will be pushed offshore if the ban proceeds.

CANBET’s Richard Farmer agrees that the legislation would make it difficult for operators to stay in Australia.

“As the act stand now, no prudent person can operate,” he said.

The committee heard predictions that 99 per cent of Australian providers will move overseas if the bill is passed.

Australian Racing Board chairman Robert Charely says that is a big concern.

“We’re concerned about offshore operators offering our citizens the chance to bet on our racing and returning no revenue to our industry,” he said.

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