Nevada officials to hold online gaming forum

7/12/2001 (Reuters) LOS ANGELES, July 11 – Nevada gaming officials will host two days of expert panels later this month in their first effort to understand the issues they will face if and when online gaming becomes legal in the U.S., the chairman of the state’s gaming commission said on Thursday.

The forum, which begins July 31, will occur about a month after Nevada passed legislation authorizing its gaming regulators to set up a framework to oversee online gambling.

The legal status of such gaming is a federal issue, and is still being debated in the country’s court system and in the Congress. But if and when online gaming is determined to be legal, the Nevada law paves the way for the state to become one of the first to allow gambling over the Internet.

“We would have four or five panels (at the forum), one of which would be a legal panel,” said Brian Sandoval, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which is organizing the event expected to attract worldwide media attention.

Other panels would address:

— Ensuring that online gaming does not occur across state borders, which could violate interstate commerce laws;

— Making sure minors cannot gamble over the Internet;

— The economic impact of online gaming;

— The security of online gaming systems and preventing their use for illegal functions like money laundering; and

— Issues involved with problem gambling;

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